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There is no mission that is more remembered in Call of Duty than No Russian, and with the return of Makarov, you may be wondering if it returned in Modern Warfare 3. With spoilers ahead, my guide will cover if the mission returns and how it plays out.

Is No Russian in the MW3 Campaign?

There is a new version of the “No Russian” mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. However, it is not the exact same one that you remember. Instead of a massacre that you partake in within a crowded airport, you play as one of the victims stuck on a plane hijacking. MW3’s version of the infamous mission is nowhere near as gruesome.

The mission that is supposed to serve as a new version of No Russian is called “Passenger” in Modern Warfare 3. Makarov and his goons take over a plan and make you the chief victim to frame Urzikstan as terrorist. While there is no massacre to spark years of controversy for COD, the entire plane ends up crashing.

So, in a way, No Russian made a return in MW3. It’s not exactly the same and it won’t be remembered for the same reasons. But it does accomplish the same narrative goal as the original games. Makarov wanted to commit acts of terrorism and frame it on other countries to spark international conflict. In that vein, the mission is still the same.

Despite the heavy nature of the Passenger mission, it still doesn’t reach the same level as the original MW2 or Modern Warfare 2019. The game in 2019 gave players an option to skip the graphic content that would follow in the campaign. I never saw the same prompt as I jumped into Modern Warfare 3, so I assume that Passenger is the worst of it.

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