Is Neopets Down? How to Check Neopets Server Status

While we were writing this guide, six more neopets data breaches occurred

If the question you’re firing up your search algorithm robot machine for is about Neopets, then I have some questions of my own. But for now I’ll just see if I can help you out before somebody ends up in jail or something. So, you’re having trouble accessing Neopets. First, you want to check and see if there was another data breach, DDoS attack or if something went afoul with another NFT scheme. If you’re just trying to feed your dragon monkey thing, then here’s how to check the Neopets server status.

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If Neopets is down, you have a few options to check to make sure it’s their problem and not yours. For starters, there’s an official Twitter feed, which is active. You can hop over there right now to see an acknowledgment of a recent outage, and a pinned tweet about… a data breach. So you know you can get current information there.

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The official Neopets support page appears to be a godless wasteland with a ticket system, so that won’t answer any questions quickly. Instead, you’ll have to rely on third-party dot coms, such as “isitdownrightnow” or “updownradar.” These will scan the site for you and report the immediate results. You can also check out data graphs and comments, which are good ways to check what’s going on in real-time. If those sites are telling you nothing is wrong, then you’re gonna have to troubleshoot on your end.

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To do that, do the usual internet tech issue stuff. Reboot your modem, delete your cache, try a private browser, power cycle your machine, the works. It’s up to you to determine how much effort to put into this because you don’t want my opinion on this matter. Good luck, godspeed, and watch out for Scientology recruiters.

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