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Is Minecraft Down? How to Check Minecraft Server Status

Here's how to check.

by Nikola L

Minecraft is one of the most popular and long-standing video games out there, with its popularity going up and down, but never disappearing. The game keeps growing from a development standpoint and it’s drastically different from Minecraft when it first came out. And it’s for all the good reasons. There’s nothing specifically to hate about Minecraft, except those few moments when servers are down and you cannot play the game.

Is Minecraft Offline? Where to See the Minecraft Server Status

There are a lot of sources where you can check if Minecraft is offline or has some technical difficulties on the server side. We will list some of them here so that you can bookmark this page to have them all easily accessible.

  • Downdetector is the biggest unofficial community website where users report connection problems for basically every relevant internet-related service. So, if a lot of people are reporting issues when you have issues too, this could mean something.
  • Mojang Twitter Account serves server updates directly from the Operations Team and the Developer Team of Mojang Studios. That is an official source, but it might take them a while to announce that issues are happening, and this is why they took the #2 spot on this list.
  • IsItDownRightNow is another unofficial site that you can check.
  • is another unofficial site that you can check.

These resources should suffice. If you are having another Minecraft Error that you need to fix, we have a decent amount of errors documented, with solutions. Try looking the error up through this link or through the on-site search.

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