Is Max Payne in Alan Wake 2? – Answered

Is that who I think it is?

During recent gameplay trailers, players may have noticed a familiar face appearing in the newest Alan Wake adventure. Is this character Max Payne, or is he someone completely different?

Who Does Sam Lake Play In Alan Wake 2?

While he may have the same squinched eyes and pouty face as the titular character from the Max Payne franchise, that’s just Sam Lake’s general face. It’s almost a perfect match due to the outfit that his character is wearing, but you’ll find that Sam Lake is playing a new character in the Alan Wake franchise by the name of Alex Casey.

So, while Max Payne and Alan Wake share a surprising amount of similarities, including the face of their hero, we won’t be seeing the character appear in this particular entry in the horror franchise. However, with Remedy working remakes of the original two Max Payne games, it’s great to get what appears to be a sneak peek at what Max’s model will look like in this upcoming collection.

No matter if this is your first experience with the Alan Wake franchise or if you’ve been a fan of the game since its original launch on the Xbox 360, you’re in for a treat when Alan Wake 2 hits your console of choice. While it’s a shame that we can’t add this one to our shelves, it’s shaping up to be one of the best games of the year.

Be sure that you’re ready for anything when visiting the Dark Place in Alan Wake 2 by checking out our section below. We’ve got you covered, no matter if you’re looking to find the best place to play on PC, or if you’re hoping to find out if your PS5 can handle the game without hiccups.

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