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Is Madden 23 Down? – How to Check Madden 23 Server Status

Is it 1st down or 4th down? Or not down at all?

Nobody, absolutely nobody, likes to have their favorite game unplayable due to the servers being down. But, such is the future of gaming, with many live service games, “always online” piracy protections, and whatnot. It’s sometimes eerie that two players cannot connect directly to each other like in the “good ol’ days”, but it is what it is.

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Prima Games will let you know how to check if Madden 23 is down and how you can easily check Madden 23 Server Status on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in just a few steps.

How to See if Madden 23 is Down or Not – Explained

Checking if Madden 23 is Down is relatively easy, albeit there are not many automated official resources for this task, like with some games. Please consult the resources we have gathered below.

First, we would advise you to check the Official EA Madden NFL Twitter Account because that’s where (hopefully) they’ll tweet about current issues so that the community understands that they are being worked on.

Official EA Madden NFL Twitter Account

Sometimes, official accounts do not use the agility of social media and the possibility to reach thousands of people within minutes, so we must resort to community solutions. DownDetector is one of them and is probably the most popular one. There, community members report if they are having issues with any service, not just Madden 23.

DownDetector page for Madden

DownInspector is another similar page where you can do the same, but it’s less popular.

DownInspector page for Madden

If there’s a general issue with the PlayStation Network (PSN), it should be visible on this page right here:

PlayStation Network service status

If there’s a general issue with the Xbox Live, you should see it here:

Xbox Live service status

That’s it for this guide. Prima Games wishes you never to lose your 4th down! If Madden is down, feel free to browse our site for the content related to games you follow to pass the time.

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