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Is Like a Dragon: Ishin Turn Based? – Answered

A true samurai doesn't wait for his enemy to act

by Patrick Souza
Like a Dragon Ishin Dub

Yakuza games have always been action-focused titles with diverse styles for you to master, but Yakuza: Like a Dragon changed the status quo by being the first mainline title to be presented as a turn-based game. And it was a surprisingly nice change of pace, being also the first title not featuring Kiryu (or a lookalike) as the main character.

So which treatment the spinoff Like a Dragon: Ishin will be getting? The game is set in an older Japanese period, with characters still resembling our favorites from the main games. Will the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios be using the turn-based approach once again or will they stick to their core gameplay elements?

Is Like a Dragon Ishin a Turn-Based Game? – Answered

Just like most of the Yakuza titles, Like a Dragon: Ishin does not have turn-based combat, resorting to the usual action-based fighting style traditional to the series. The game is a remaster of the original version released back in 2014 that never hit the West. At the time, all Yakuza games were all action games, so they kept the original combat system rolling.

You can have your own look at how Ishin plays by downloading the free Demo on your console or PC. The game features multiple fighting styles in the same manner as Yakuza 0, so you should feel familiar with the movements if you played that one before. You can fight by using a traditional katana stance, a gun-based stance, a mix of both, or simply kick ass with your bare fists.

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Due to the good reception to the departure from direct action combat in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the following new titles (read as Like a Dragon 8) will be adopting a turn-based system as their main combat feature. The transition has been nothing far from great until now, so we’re probably bound to see good results in those future games too.

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