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Is League of Legends Down? – How to Check LoL Server Status

Here's how to quickly check if LoL is down or not.

by Nikola L

League of Legends is probably the most popular MOBA out there right now, with millions of active players daily and over 100 million active players monthly. This commands a certain type of respect. However, despite all the power Riot Games has, League of Legends servers aren’t 100% available for use, and there are some maintenance works and hiccups here and there.

Prima Games will let you know how you can check if League of Legends is down or not, and how to check its Server Status.

Is LoL Down? – How to Check League of Legends Server Status

Given the popularity of League of Legends, you’ll have a sigh of relief, because there are so many official and unofficial (community) sources to check if League of Legends is down or up. Here are all the sources that you should be considering when troubleshooting your inability to connect to League of Legends (in order to check if the problem is on your end or not):

  • The Riot Games Service Status page is an official source from Riot Games which shows any issues with every Riot Games game, so you can use it for Valorant as well, for example. On this page, you can also report a problem yourself, and if there really is a problem and many players report it, that will certainly raise some attention at Riot Games.
  • The League of Legends and Riot Games official Twitter accounts are the places where any urgent information might pop up. Scroll past the first, pinned tweet and see what they tweeted in the past 24 hours, and if there’s any trouble with Riot Games or League of Legends servers, hopefully, they have announced it there on the spot.
  • DownDetector is one of the biggest unofficial, community pages for basically every important online service, where everyone can report that they are having issues. You can use it to check for basically every online service you are using.
  • IsTheServiceDown is another community page for various online services that you can use. It’s smaller than DownDetector, but it’s always good to have more sources, right?

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We hope that this guide was helpful and that you will get back into the Fields of Justice as soon as possible, whether the issue is on your or Riot Games’ end. Make sure to check out our other League of Legends and Valorant guides. Until next time!

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