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Is Knockout City Free to Play? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic
Knockout city free

The action-packed dodgeball-like game, Knockout City, gained popularity fast upon its release in May 2021. Velan Studios and Electronic Arts collaborated to make this chaotic, fast-paced game available to players worldwide.

When released, it was offered on Game Pass and priced at $19,99. However, is it now free to play?

How to Play Knockout City

The goal is to knock out the opposing team with a ball. You can choose from several types of balls in the game, such as Bomb Ball – a time bomb that explodes on impact – and Moon Ball, which allows you to jump higher and deal massive damage.

Players on the other side of the attack can either dodge or catch a ball that is thrown at them. If hit twice, they will respawn and start over.

Will Knockout City Be Free to Play?

In a recent blog post, Velan Studios announced its intention to make Knockout City completely free to play. They also informed their players that EA would be stepping down as publisher.

Velan Studios is still working on the free-to-play version, and the game will have plenty of new features.
It will be available from Season 6, which is expected to launch on June 1, 2022.

Knockout City brawl pass
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Before you get all the new content and the Brawl Pass, you’ll have to put up with Season 5 which feels rather empty in comparison. Nevertheless, devs assure that this situation is only temporary and are preparing for the new season with new maps and whole new ball types.

Despite the price tag, Knockout City is still one of the most popular multiplayer online games. Its greatest strength is the simplicity yet enjoyability of the gameplay, with the possibility to mix special ball types and match modes.

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