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Knockout City Will Be Available On Game Pass At Launch

by Morgan Shaver

In an exciting update shared on Xbox Wire, it was announced that Knockout City will be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play on launch day, May 21. If you’re a subscriber of either of these services, you’ll save the 19.99 (USD) it’d cost to purchase the game outright.

In addition to this info, the Xbox Wire post outlined some of the things gamers can expect from Knockout City… so, let’s take a closer look! 

Knockout City Will Be Available On Game Pass At Launch

If you’re curious about Knockout City but uncertain as to whether or not you want to purchase the game, another option has officially been made available. When the game releases on May 21, it’ll be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscribers. 

As for what you can expect with Knockout City once it’s available for purchase, and on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, a post on the Xbox Wire blog has you covered with some helpful information! 

“There are a few special events planned in the first few weeks of the game, so start planning your crews now. As a member, you’ll be able to play the full game, with all the playlists, special balls, and maps!”

The multiplayer elements of the game are emphasized, with the blog post encouraging players to buddy up and work together, although solo play is also on offer (through things like the Face-Off playlist). 

In regards to maps, you’ll have a variety to explore including Rooftop Rumble, Concussion Yard, Knockout Roundabout, and Back Alley Brawl.

You also have a nice assortment of dodgeballs to choose from including the Standard Ball, Bomb Ball, Cage Ball, Sniper Ball, and Moon Ball.  

“It just wouldn’t be a dodgebrawl without dodgeballs. You’ve got your pick of the lot. Keep it classic with the Standard Ball or blow them away with the Bomb Ball. Trap rivals in a Cage Ball to throw them off the edge of the map — or just lock-on from across the map with the Sniper Ball.

Maybe you’ll pick up the most dangerous weapon of the cross play beta: the Moon Ball. Knock ‘em sky-high for an easy pick-off or use the Moon Ball to defy gravity when you need a lift. And if you run out of balls, you’ve still got one more option: become the ball yourself.”

In regards to playlists, Knockout City will offer something for solo players, Face-Off, along with the 3v3 Team KO, 3v3 Diamond Dash, 4v4 Ball-Up Brawl, and the free-for-all mode KO Chaos.

Overall, we’re extremely excited to hear that Knockout City will be available day one for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscribers. The game in general sounds like a lot of fun, so even if you aren’t a subscriber to Game Pass or EA Play, you still have the option to buy the game for $19.99 (USD) across a variety of platforms.

For more on Knockout City, check out the game’s official website. And for more on the game’s addition to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, be sure to read through the full post over on the Xbox Wire blog

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