Is Fortnite Changing the Movement Back? Answered

All hope is not lost yet.

Fortnite Chapter 5 splash art.
Image via Epic Games

The new Chapter of Fortnite has fans talking about the movement changes made to the game, where many players are hoping for the developers to bring back the old system. But is Fortnite deciding to bring it back? We have an answer for that in this guide.

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Will the Old Movement Come Back in Fortnite Chapter 5?

Fortnite has released an official statement in their latest tweet saying that the new movement animations and changes to the movement speed are part of the visual improvements and strategic changes they wanted to implement in the game, which they are hopeful that the players will get used to over time. They also mentioned in the tweet that the developers struggled to get used to the new movement system, but they eventually got over it.

It means there are no intentions of the Fortnite team to revert to the old movement system at the moment. Instead, they hope the players will get used to the new movement in only a matter of time.

Other than the changes to the movement in the game, the new Chapter 5 has been off to a great start. With the introduction of Fortnite OG Map, the game reached all-time peak players for the first time in its history.

The closing for the Fortnite OG Chapter brought us an in-game Eminem concert in the Big Bang Event, which took the internet by storm. Millions of players logged into the game to participate in the event, which caused high server traffic. Thousands of players had to wait in a queue to connect to the servers, where the queue time reached a maximum of two hours near the start time.

The event teased a Fortnite Festival, including adding different modes to the game based on Lego Survival, Rocket League, and Rock Band. There will also be a concert of The Weeknd on December 9, 2023, for the Season 1 of the Fortnite Festival.

There are also new collaborations of Peter Griffin and Solid Snake added to the game, which have been praised by many players in this chapter. However, players are unhappy with the stiff movement in the new chapter, which the developers have said they have no intentions of changing shortly. Players can only encourage themselves to get used to the new movement system instead of waiting for the old one to return.

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