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Is Eelektross Good in Pokemon Go? – Answered

You used a Unova Stone to get this Pokemon... but was it worth it?

by Daphne Fama

The darling Tynamo recently had its Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO and you might now have an Eelektross in your possession! Congratulations, it’s not an easy Pokemon to obtain. But now that you have it, is Eelektross any good in Pokemon GO?

Is Eelektross Good in Pokemon Go?

To make a long answer short, it’s okay. Eelektross is more of a situational pick as a fallback when you don’t have a Legendary or Mega Pokemon to clean the floor with your opponents. It’s capable of holding its own all through the Great Leagues up until Master League, at which point it’s more of a coin flip whether it wins or loses. Much of this is because of Eelektross’ pure Electric-Typing, which allows it to endure hits from Steel, Flying, and other Electric Pokemon.

But in Great League especially, it can take down key Pokemon like Pelipper, Froslass, Noctowl, and Skarmory. But because of its typing, it’s likely to lose to Medicham, Swampert, Lanturn, and Trevenant.

Eelektross is ultimately a glass cannon, but if you give it enough coverage, you can see where it excels: it’s consistent, it’s capable of closing match up, and it’s fantastic at spamming moves. It’s just a matter of keeping it alive.

The best possible moves you can have on Eelektross in the Great Leagues are:

Fast Attacks:

  • Spark (Fast Charge)

Charged Moves:

  • Dragon Claw (Coverage, Spam)
  • Crunch (Debuff)
  • Thunderbolt (High Energy)

This move set remains the same if you intend to bring it into the Ultra Leagues.

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But if you want an Electric Pokemon, you might consider Lanturn or Luxray (Shadow) instead. Both Pokemon provide what Eelektross does… but better. Even Zebstrika rates higher. But if you’re loyal to this electric eel, the best Pokemon to keep at his side are Buzzwole, Pidgeot, Registeel, and Charizard. These Pokemon all synergize well with Eelektross and can help keep him alive.

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