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Is CS:GO Down? – How to Check CS:GO Server Status

Someone threw a molly at the server stack!

by Shawn Robinson

Playing games like CS:GO can be an absolute blast for some, but the game running into technical issues can completely ruin that enjoyment. Whether that be crashes or framerate drops, or perhaps even latency issues, running into any issues can completely ruin any chance you had of enjoying yourself. Sometimes though, that isn’t your fault. Here’s how to check the server status for CS:GO.

Where Do I Check CS:GO Server Status?

First things first, if you can get in the game, be sure to try other modes like Deathmatch (unless that’s what you were trying to play) before jumping the gun. If CS:GO is having network issues, then no mode will be working. It’s also worth checking Steam to see if you can load anything. If you can’t, then either Steam is running into issues, or your internet may be down. Provided all of this isn’t the case though, then there’s one other place you can check.

Head over to and check each of the regions along with the overall status. If the boxes are all green, then CS:GO’s servers are all fully functional. If any are blue, then the game is overloaded and the servers can’t hold the massive influx of players. If any boxes are orange, then it’s possible the servers are full to nearly failing. Finally, if any boxes are red, then that game section is offline. Most of the time you’ll be seeing them either green or red, though other colors could show up from time to time.

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Provided everything is green and you checked other places, then we’re afraid it’s something on your end. You’ll likely need to run more troubleshooting steps to find the exact cause, but we suggest starting with your router since that’s the most likely place to be having issues. Either way, good luck fixing it!

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