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Is Codashop Legit for Genshin Impact? Answered

Looking for good deals on Genesis Crystals?

by Nikola L

For most of the online transactions in today’s gaming world (whether it’s for game key purchases or purchases for in-game goods), gamers from all over the world are trying to find the best deals for the purchases they intend to conduct outside of the official developer. Of course, it’s very important to bear in mind the safety and legitimacy of your purchases, given that there are many shady and gray area websites. In this guide, we are reviewing Codashop and we’ll tell you if they are legitimate or not for your Genshin Impact purchases.

Is Codashop a Safe and Legit Website for Genshin Impact Purchases?

As we were scouring the Internet for information, we were positively impressed by what we have seen from multiple different sources.

Codashop is the Official and Exclusive 3rd Party Partners For Genshin Impact

Exhibit A is this post on Codashop’s website from the beginning of February 2021, which boldly states that they are the exclusive partners for top-ups for Genshin Impact, proceed to speak a bit about the game, and then explain what payment methods are supported. Since we don’t trust everything on the Internet, we decided to dig a little deeper because nowadays, everyone can write anything online.

Exhibit B is this post on HoYoLab (official forums of the miHoYo developer team that made Genshin Impact) where a player said that they’d contacted miHoYo’s official Customer Support regarding the legitimacy of Codashop and that they officially confirmed that Codashop is completely safe and legal.

A year and a half has passed since that announcement and we still haven’t found any issues or any complaints against Codashop regarding Genshin Impact purchases, so we are certain that we can recommend Codashop to our readers and deem the site safe and legit.

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