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Ark Survival Ascended Geforce Now

Cloud Gaming is a good solution for when your setup isn’t powerful enough to deal with certain games, which might be the case with ARK: Survival Ascended. Known for requiring quite a powerful build, can you enjoy this expanded survival game through the GeForce Now services?

Is ARK: Survival Ascended Available on GeForce Now?

The new ARK title is not included in GeForce Now. The game wasn’t included in the Nvidia blog post containing all titles arriving in October in the service, so it’s safe to say that the game shouldn’t be made available it during the next few days. The list did include new releases like Alan Wake II and Assassins’ Creed: Mirage.

But considering how the original ARK: Survival Evolved did find its way into the services eventually, it could be simply a matter of time until its successor also does the same. Not all games are immediately included in GeForce Now as soon as they’re released, so just give it some time and we might see the new extreme survival experience also available through the cloud gaming systems. Nothing’s confirmed just yet, but we can hope for the best.

It would be a huge help to players considering how the game is currently facing more than a couple of issues. From a delayed, then delayed again release time for PC, and way less-than-optimal performance on high-end setups, it feels like the early ARK days all over again.

This is actually to be expected as the game is still in its Early Access period. Most of these problems are similar to the first ARK title’s Early Access release, including all inevitable bugs and stuttering. The game is running on the recent Unreal Engine 5 which hasn’t been fully explored just yet. It takes a while before people can figure it out and fix most of those problems.

So while a more stable, direct cloud version isn’t available, you’ll have to rely on your old rig to do the running job all by itself. You can also check if you can try it out on Game Pass here.

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