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inFAMOUS: Second Son Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

While inFAMOUS: Second Son might start off slowly, it picks up speed and presents players with more than a few challenges. If you haven’t already, check out our Beginner’s Tips, then come back to build on that with some more advanced techniques.

Whether you’re aiming for Good or Evil Karma, stuck on a boss fight or struggling in general, these tips will help you dominate the game.

Say Cheese!

Our first tip may seem rather subtle, yet it’s often ignored and can come back to bite you later on. Each district has several D.U.P. controlled surveillance cameras (most near the Core Relay) that can rat you out. You’ll know you’re being watched when you hear the loud and annoying alarm going off, signaling that the D.U.P. is on its way. Pay very close attention to the map at all times. Camera locations are marked, allowing you to destroy them before they spot you. This comes in handy when you’re heading to a mission start point and don’t want to be hassled with a long, drawn out scrap.

Melee Some Fools

Tactically, players have all the reasons in the world to sit on a rooftop and pick off their adversaries one-by-one. In the big picture, this might not be the best idea. As the game rolls on, boss fights start to kick up in both frequency and intensity. By heading down to street level (even once in awhile) to get your melee on, you’re preparing yourself for those later boss battles. For example, the first fight against Augustine occurs within a confined spaced and features multiple enemies at the same time. There’s no room to hide and no rooftop to retreat to. Players must constantly move, shoot and melee to survive, something that is made much easier if they practiced.

Wall Hang

No, this isn’t Titanfall. As it turns out, wall hanging is a multi-game move that also pays off while playing Second Son. It won’t come in handy in every situation, but that’s why this is advanced. Try this out when fighting He Who Dwells in the Heaven’s Hellfire mission at Eugene’s hideout. Dangle off the opposite side of the platform from your foe, firing shots over top. You’ll be able to hit him, and he won’t be able to hit you. It’s this fight that made us frequently use the wall hang. When approaching a group of enemies on a rooftop, hang from the ledge, shooting over the top to take them out while remaining in cover.

Save the Blast Shards

As mentioned previously in the Beginners Tips, Blast Shards upgrade and even buy more powers. While upgrading Delsin’s skills is never a bad idea, think of this like saving money for a rainy day. As the game progresses, you never know when a boss fight or unique mission will be made easier by an upgraded power. In fact, during the final boss fight (we won’t spoil it for you), there is a need for 10-20 Blast Shards. They aren’t essential to winning the battle or completing the game, but they make things much easier along the way.

Learn to Boss Fight

There are four or five boss fights in Second Son, each one slightly more difficult than the one before it. With that said, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to these encounters. The idea of a boss fight is very intimidating and overwhelming for some. When the battle begins, don’t freak out, just take some time to study your opponent and learn his or her tendencies. Figure out how to avoid their attacks first, then focus on how you can bring them down afterwards. If you’re still having trouble, check out our Free Walkthrough, which will give you the step-by-step instructions to conquering each one.


For those struggling with any part of this game, check out PrimaGamesVideo on YouTube for mission walkthroughs, boss fights and even how to unlock certain trophies. If there’s a section we missed or you have trouble with, use the Ask a Question feature on the main part of our website and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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