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Increase Village Population in Far Cry Primal

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to increase the population of your village in Ubisoft’s open world adventure, Far Cry Primal. Do not ignore this key aspect to the game! Over time you will recruit new NPCs and then unlock different upgrades to beat the Udam.

Shortly after arriving in Oros for the first time, Takkar meets Sayla, who asks him to recruit fellow Wenja and then bring them to the village. Doing this increases the population, which then grants access to rewards. Additionally you will unlock more ofFar Cry Primal’s Skills and Crafting system.

Increasing the Wenja population may seem tricky at first, but once you understand the basics the process moves much quicker.

Population Rewards

Although growing the village population lets you upgrade some of the huts these NPCs live inside of, you also gain daily rewards as part of Takkar’s Stash. Reach 20 people and you’ll receive one bag containing food and weapon resources per day. Increasing the Wenja population to 40, meanwhile, produces two bags. Sixty people results in three bags, the game’s maximum, but Ubisoft still provides bonuses beyond this number. Once you reach 60, every 10 people you recruit results in a +2 percent XP bonus. This caps at 48 percent, which equates to 300 Wenja.

How to Grow Village Population

The most efficient way to increase the village population in Far Cry Primal is to beat the various quests and activities marked on the in-game map. Depending how well you’re able to focus while playing an open world game, doing this may take considerable effort. If for instance you prefer to search for collectibles, hunt animals and sightsee, the village population will remain low. This also means upgrades will become difficult to obtain. By all means do whatever pleases you, but remember Takkar will be at a slight disadvantage later on if you don’t have the many upgrades available since the game gets tougher.

Begin by opening the in-game map and place the cursor on some of the markers. Choose an Outpost and make note of the information provided, such as difficulty to capture and rewards for successfully doing this. More often than not, capturing an Outpost results in XP and a village population boost. If you have trouble taking command of one, read Prima’s guide for Capturing Outposts in Far Cry Primal.

Taking over these locations will guarantee a population increase but there are only 15 Outposts in Oros. You’ll eventually eliminate all of the Udam in each Outpost, but you’ll need to upgrade Takkar’s skills to capture the toughest ones. In the meantime, always look to complete the Help Wenja events while exploring. These don’t appear on the map like story quests do. Instead they’ll randomly pop up when you are in range. Some will involve Wenja battling the Udam, or an escort missions you’ll need to break up. Save the Wenja and these people head to Takkar’s village, thereby increasing the population!

Now that you mastered this aspect of the game, visit Prima’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide to learn about taming animal companions and finding all of the game’s Spirit Totem collectibles.

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