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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Vaults of Tartaros | Helping the Anemoi

by Lucas White

Another day, another Vault of Tartaros guide. As we make our way through the Vaults in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, I’m going to run out of ways to introduce these things. I probably already have since I’m resorting to meta-commentary here. Anyway, here’s a guide for Helping the Anemoi, which introduces moving balls around with air vents to prepare you for tougher Vaults later on.

To start, activate the switch to make a ball appear. The ball will cruise through the track thanks to the air vents, but it will stop at the red barrier. Stepping on the person panel will drop the barrier, and the ball will roll the rest of the way to the goal. This lights up a purple crystal, which causes vertical air vents on some platforms to open.

This is where you’ll need to consult the beginner’s guide. Riding air vents in Immortals: Fenyx Rising can be… finicky. You’ll come across a new ball/vent track (there’s a theme here), this time with two person panels on either side of a switch. Activate the switch, and the panel on the right will drop the barrier. Then hop over to the left one right away to fill the gaps further down the track. Then you’ll have to pop back over to the first panel to also remove the second barrier, then you’re good.

After crossing some more vertical vents, you’ll see the end goal to the right (blocked by two purple crystals), and a large track straight forward. You’ll also see the chest marker within the track. In front of you are two switches, and two person panels, the switches bookending the panels. In the distance, you’ll see two purple orbs floating in the air – this is where the balls spawn. The left switch connects to the left orb, and you can go ahead and drop the ball since it stays put. The right ball immediately rolls into a barrier.

If you press the panel on the right, you’ll see a platform towards the back of the track move up, and two platforms closer to you go down. Stepping off resets it, so you’ll be fiddling with these. The left panel turns off all the barriers. If you press the left switch you can just stand there and watch one of the balls go all the way to its end goal – technically you’re supposed to raise that back platform, but the ball catches enough momentum to pop across the gap without it.

For the second ball you’ll need to move back and forth a bit between the two panels to push it through; this is low-stress though because the ball will just stop at every roadblock. You won’t have to worry about these puzzles giving you pitfalls just yet.

Once you solve the puzzle, you can glide over to the track. You’ll also need to glide between parts of the track to get to the chest in the back, due to the barriers. It’s pretty easy, though. Once you get the chest you can go back – hop on top of the upper ball and you’ll have enough height to double jump and glide back to the main course. Ride across a few more vertical vents and you’ll get the dub.

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