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Immortals Fenyx Rising | How Long To Beat?

by Morgan Shaver

With the release of Immortals Fenyx Rising comes questions such as, “How long does the game take to beat?” It’s a key question as other big games are coming out in December.

It’s also the holiday season, so balancing your time between games (and holiday activities) effectively can be a challenge.

To help you get a better idea as to what to expect in Immortals Fenyx Rising, we’ve put together a quick feature going over approximately how long it’ll take you to beat the game.

Immortals Fenyx Rising | How Long To Beat? 

The quick answer to the question of how long Immortals Fenyx Rising takes to beat is anywhere between 30 and 80 hours

At first glance, that’s a pretty big range, but you can narrow it down further depending on how you intend to play the game.

If you play the game on the easiest difficulty setting (Story) and rush through the campaign from start to finish, you should be able to finish Immortals Fenyx Rising in 30 to 40 hours.

If you’re a completionist, it could potentially take you up to 70-80 hours to get through everything in Immortals Fenyx Rising. The average between these two is around 50-60 hours when playing on Normal or Hard difficulty and taking your time where needed. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a beautiful game with a lot to see, explore, and do, so you should anticipate spending more time in the game than the low estimate of 30 hours.

However, we can understand if you’re pressed for time and looking to either relax during the holidays or play something else like Cyberpunk 2077, rest assured that it’s possible to beat the game in 30 hours if needed.

We don’t recommend racing through a game like this, but ultimately it’s up to you. To recap, it’ll take you anywhere between 30 to 80 hours to beat Immortals Fenyx Rising.

On the low end, 30-40 hours while playing on Story difficulty and rushing through, on average 50-60 hours when playing normally, and up to 80 hours for completionists.

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Now that you know roughly how long it’ll take you to beat Immortals Fenyx Rising, we’ve got a few other guides we think you might find useful, including:

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