The Ice Palace Outer Worlds Guide – Faction Quest Walkthrough

Trying to get on Lilya's good side? Our Ice Palace Outer Worlds faction quest walkthrough will help you out there if you're wanting an in with SubLight Salvage.

If you’ve been enjoying The Outer Worlds and its kooky cast of supporting characters, then you’re definitely not alone. We’ve found it to be an absolute delight interacting with the faction politics in Obsidian’s latest character-driven RPG, and some of the decisions that you’re asked to make in relevant side quests have incredibly entertaining consequences. Enamored with the SubLight Salvage saga? Our Ice Palace Outer Worlds faction quest guide will help you see this one through to the end.

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The Ice Palace Outer Worlds Guide – Faction Quest Walkthrough

You’ll already be acquainted with Lilya Hagen after finishing the quest Space-Crime Continuum. Something’s not quite right with SubLight Salvage, but if you’re curious about the different levels to this conspiracy, then you’re gonna want to dig deeper. Lilya will hand you an override bypass if you accept this quest from her in Groundbreaker, and your job will be to use it to grant Sublight remote access to the abandoned space station HRS-1084.

Once you’ve picked up the quest, you’ll have to go to station HRS-1084 and restore its power before dealing with unexpected UDL interference. We’ve got a rundown on how we reckon this encounter usually pans out, so check out the information below that we’ve set out in chronological order:

  • Enter the space station and hang left
  • Pick up the UDL Identity Cartridge from the mess hall
  • Use the cartridge on the terminal to adjust the generator
  • When contacted by the UDL Corporate Commander, you have some options – Bribe (2550 bits), Intimidate (65), Lie (65), Persuade (55 if you’ve finished The Demolished Woman quest)
  • You can then either Lie or Intimidate (35) when asked about the UDL cartridge
  • Retrace your steps and head back to the room with the robots
  • Keep an eye out for a set of stairs peppered with mines
  • Head down the stairs and take the second door that you see which will lead you to another larger room
  • Ignore the robots, and take the flight of stairs up to an office terminal
  • Soak in as much lore as you like, then use the SubLight Override Cartridge to complete the quest

Once you’ve put the SubLight Override Cartridge in, you’ll have dealt with the Ice Palace Outer Worlds faction quest main objective. You can then make it back to the Groundbreaker to report to Lilya, and she’ll give you a whole bunch of experience, improve your SubLight Salvage and Shipping reputation, and also give you just over 2,000 bits. There’s a bit of a bonkers plot that we won’t quite spoil here, but needless to say, Lilya’s paranoia that sent you on this mission is just the tip of the iceberg. Need a hand with anything else in The Outer Worlds, including the follow-up faction quest to this one, the Chimerist’s Last Experiment? We’ve got the guides:


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