Hydro Island Computer Key Location – DMZ Warzone 2

Hydroelectric in the DMZ.

Hydro Island Key
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There are two types of keys that you’ll find in the Warzone 2 DMZ mode: keys that open up dangerous areas full of loot and keys that open up hidden locked boxes around the map. If you’ve found the High Island Computer Key, then you’ll be looking for the latter option within Al Mazrah.

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While the major POI keys are marked on the map, the loot containers are much harder to find. They require some careful searching of a specific area and they are only given away by the “key is required” prompt. Luckily, we have the exact location of the Hyrdo Island Computer and we’ll go over how to find it in the DMZ mode.

DMZ & Warzone 2 – Hydro Island Computer Key Location

To find the location for the Hydro Island Computer, there are some easy steps to follow, especially if you’ve played the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare 2. You’ll want to head over to Zarqwa Hydroelectric in Al Mazrah which is located almost directly in the center of the map. For some easy coordinates, line up the DMZ map with E4 when you open up the menu.

Once you arrive at the location, you’ll want to head toward the center of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. The goal is to find the part of the small town that matches up with the multiplayer counterpart in Modern Warfare 2. When you reach the right spot, you’ll be on a small hydro island that contains three main buildings.

One of the buildings has a longer shape, while the two below it are shaped more like squares. You want to head towards the square building located to the bottom right of the long-shaped building. When you get inside, search the back room, and there you will find the Hyrdo Island Computer Key container. If you have the key equipped, simply hold the interact button on the PC and claim your loot.

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Earning the key itself is done by taking enemies out and hoping for the best or attempting to find one at a buy station. Either way, getting a key for your collection is hard, so make the best of them whenever you can in the Warzone 2 DMZ.

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