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Hunt: Showdown – Error 0x30001 | What is it? How to Fix it

by Josh Hawkins

Hunt: Showdown wrapped up its closed alpha testing last week and shortly after launched into Steam’s Early Access program. Since the release into Early Access, the game has seen a lot more traffic, and many players have found themselves at the mercy of various errors and issues when trying to load into the game and connect to the servers. One such issue in Hunt: Showdown is error 0x30001, which we’ll cover today. If you’ve been having issues getting into a game of Hunt: Showdown, here’s everything you need to know about error 0x30001.

What is Error 0x30001?

One of the most common errors that players have been experiencing since Hunt: Showdown launched into Early Access is error code 0x30001. This error happens when the player client has no connection the backend server, which can be caused by quite a few different things. This error has become so prominent lately, though, because of a player cap that the developers have instigated onto the servers.

The cap was put into place to reduce the amount of server issues coming from players overloading the backend, and while the develops have expressed how much they hate basically kicking people out of the game, it’s a precaution that had to be put in place in order to ensure the stabilization of the servers overall.

How to Fix Error 0x30001

To fix this error, there is really only one option available and that is to simply wait or try to log into the game earlier—if possible. As we stated above, the most notable reason you’ll get this message is due to the player cap being reached. This is a threshold that the developers are constantly raising as they stabilize the servers, and it’s a necessary precaution they have had to take in order to ensure a stable environment for the majority of the player base.

So, if you find yourself getting this error, then don’t fret. There’s most likely nothing wrong with your actual connection to the servers—though you can try restarting your computer, router, and modem if it makes you feel better. Just wait until the servers calm down a little bit, and try to remember that Hunt: Showdown is still in Early Access, which means there are going to be issues like this along the way.

We’ll have more coverage for Hunt: Showdown soon, so make sure you check out our Hunt: Showdown game hub for all your strategy needs as we help you find your targets and take them down in Crytek’s newest adventure.


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