How to Win Battles in Pokemon Go

Level up your Pokemon, dodge attacks and claim the gym for your team!

This feature will tell you how to win battles and take over gyms in the hit mobile game, Pokemon Go. You will learn how to create the ultimate team of Pokemon, dodge enemy attacks and then strike back.

What is a gym in Pokemon Go?

A Pokemon Go gym is a place where gamers pit their Pokemon against each other in combat. You don’t battle head-to-head. Rather, someone claims the gym and assigns a Pokemon to it. Over time, other gamers will challenge this person’s Pokemon in a fight for control. Whoever wins claims the gym for one of the three teams (Team Instinct, Team Mystic, Team Valor) in the game. Then fellow team members can assign one of their Pokemon to the gym to make it stronger.

Assign one of your Pokemon to a gym to increase the gym’s prestige and level, and lessen the chance of rival players taking it from you.

If you battle players from another team and win, you will lower their gym’s prestige and level. 

How to create a team in Pokemon Go

Everyone has their favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but when creating a team, think strategy. If you catch lots of wild Pidgey, for example, you will be able to transfer these Pokemon to the Professor to get Pidgey candy. Then you can Power Up your Pidgey to make it stronger, or Evolve the Pidgey into Pidgeotto and strengthen that Pokemon. Point being, level up Pokemon you have the most candy for, even if these creatures are not your favorites. 

When you have several high level Pokemon, it’s time to form a team. These Pokemon will fight when you attempt to claim a gym. To create a team in Pokemon Go, click the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen and then select Pokemon on the left. Click the Pokemon you wish to favorite and then on the next screen (the one displaying the Pokemon), press the star icon on the top right. Now the game recognizes this Pokemon as one of your favorites.

The game will then arrange favorited Pokemon from highest CP to lowest. If you have a CP413 Jolteon, for instance, it will be higher than your CP166 Oddish.

There’s plenty to do in Pokemon Go. This feature will tell you how to get more candy in Pokemon Go and evolve your Pokemon.

How to Win Battles in Pokemon Go

To dominate battles in Pokemon Go, approach and then select the desired gym. If you match up well with the competition, press the fight icon on the lower right. 

When the battle commences, press either the right or left sides of the screen to dodge enemy attacks, and then strike back. Do not get into the habit of frantically tapping to attack or you’ll lose within seconds. Dodge, wait for an opening and strike back… then repeat the process.

Keep in mind that if you have low level Pokemon, claiming a gym in Pokemon Go will be extremely difficult. It’s smart to level up your Pokemon and then go after the gym. Patience! 

Good luck winning battles and getting lots of XP in Pokemon Go.

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