Like many games in recent years, PlayStation 4's Days Gone offers players a way to capture the more stunning aspects of the game with an intricate Photo Mode. With a vast open-world littered with discoveries to find and dangers to conquer, taking a quick snapshot and editing it to perfection is one of the best ways to commemorate the experience. For those looking to use the game's Photo Mode, here's what you need to know.

Unlike some titles, opening up Days Gone's Photo Mode is super easy to do. Simply hit the Options button on the DualShock 4 controller in order to bring up the game's main menu. Once pulled up, there will be a Photo Mode option on the left side towards the bottom. Click X to enter into this mode, though you can't take a stylistic screenshot of a cutscene outside of the usual PS4 method.

Days Gone's Photo Mode offers a whole host of options, including background tweaking, facial experiences, nifty themed frames. Personally, I loved messing with the depth of field to add a little artistic drama to a shot, but you can also opt into removing certain features out of a shot as well! Want to take a high-profile photo of Deacon's bike but he, or his BFF, is in the way? The Photo Mode actually lets you remove unwanted items from the frame. Took a particularly interesting look of the scenery but the damn bike is in the way? Simply remove it. It's that simple.

Once the shot is where you want it, press the Triangle option on the controller to remove the menu items and then save the image by using the Share Button on the controller. Viola! Image saved and you can continue on by taking out zombies and cruisin' those open roads. 

Days Gone is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on April 26th. To learn more about what our opinion on the game was, you can read our full review here with a small excerpt below: 

"Overall, Days Gone felt alright. It wasn't great, it wasn't even good at times, but was saved by select charm found in Deacon as a character, the bike mechanics that offered total immersion in the open-world, and the few moments within the story that offered something of value outside of the traditional zombie trope. 

It's a decent game, one worth trying out and one that hides a few secrets for those willing to find them, but it seemed to be shipped in pre-pubescent stage, never truly reaching its fully-grown potential. "