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How to use the Games of Summer Double XP Glitch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

by Lucas White

You can’t be a massive, AAA game development company that’s contracted to launch enormous games on a regular schedule without a glitch or two happening after it’s out. That’s impossible to avoid. But not every glitch is a problem, depending on your perspective. In this case, the new community-based competition event taking place in Modern Warfare, Games of Summer , contains a glitch that many players are pretty excited about. And, well, that’s because it’s another Double XP glitch. 

Unlimited Double XP Glitch in Modern Warfare Games of Summer

Games of Summer is a simple list of single-player Trials, that are free to enter and play through the duration of the event (there’s about a week left as of this writing). Like the Trials you need tickets to play, there are three reward tiers based on performance. What makes the event special, is that players get a secondary score when they play these Trials, that goes into an overall pool for their region. And there’s a big ol’ leaderboard that shows the stats by country. A first for the series, this is a global, friendly competition.

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This glitch just so happens to impact two of the free Trials, both of which reward players with either a Double XP Token or Double Weapon XP Token. And they do so via the bronze completion tier, which many players have to try harder to get than gold. The two trials are the Shooting Range, which rewards the regular Double XP, and the Marksman Challenge, which gives out the Double Weapon XP. All you have to do is get the bronze medal, then leave the game without repeating the mission or anything else. Then, go back to the multiplayer menu to confirm you got the Token. The next time you play one of the Trials, you will be able to earn the Token again, despite earning it already. Rinse and repeat until you’re tired of it or have enough XP boosts to get you where you need to be.

Considering this glitch is part of a limited-time event, it’s hard to see Infinity Ward bothered enough to go in and patch out something that won’t be a problem soon anyway. That said we also have no idea how the Double XP economy works on that side of the equation, so it’s ahrd to say for sure. Either way the glitch is certainly present as of this writing, so if you want to kick back, put a podcast or something on, and get a bazillion Double XP Tokens, now is the time.

Are you a player who doesn’t have a problem utilizing glitches like this in order to reap (a ton of) extra rewards? Or do you get a whiff of the situation and turn your nose up at gaming the system? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!