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How to Use the DexNav App in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

by Prima Games Staff

Every major Pokémon video game challenges you to capture as many creatures as possible, often by running through tall grass. This practice returns in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but Nintendo and Game Freak added an exciting new feature called the DexNav App that makes collecting Pokémon (or ignoring them) much easier. This helpful update to your PokéNav Plus displays wild Pokémon and lets you know if there are more to collect in a given area. It’s the perfect companion for completionists who want to collect ‘em all, and players who’ve grown tired of encountering the same monsters while exploring the Hoenn Region. 

How do I get the DexNav App in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? 

Early on in the game you meet Professor Birch’s son Brendan and daughter May.  You’ll leave Littleroot Town to explore Route 101, Oldale Town and Route 103. Upon re-entering Route 101, Brendan and May will update your PokéNav Plus with the DexNav. 

What’s so great about the DexNav?  The app displays the Pokémon you can catch on land, while fishing (once you get the fishing rod) and on the water when you learn how to surf. 

If you find a Pokémon but choose to leave it alone, the creature will show up as a shadow on the DexNav and categorized as Seen in your Pokédex.  The ones you catch appear in color. From there, you can tap captured Pokémon to see if more of the same type are in the area. 

In addition, you’ll see messages that update your progress.

  • There are no wild Pokémon in this area.
  • There are still Pokémon in this area that you have not caught! More than one left.
  • Nearly complete! Only one more left.
  • Good job! You’ve caught them all! You caught every monster via normal encounters.
  • Amazing! Fantastic! You caught every possible Pokémon in this area! Every single Pokémon has been caught, including hidden ones.

On top of that, you’ll earn trophies. You’ll receive a bronze trophy for discovering Pokémon in tall grass, fishing, surfing and sneaking up on them. The more Pokémon you discover, the better trophy you’ll get; there are four trophies: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. 

Tip: Some caves have multiple levels with different Pokémon, and you can get a platinum trophy on each floor. 

Now that you have the DexNav App, you can use Detector Mode.  This clues you into hidden Pokémon in the area, either ones you’re able to battle or simply creatures going about their business.  It’ll inform you whether you’re close or far away from the Pokémon. The idea is to continuously search for the same Pokémon to find one with the best traits. These critters may possess special abilities, carry cool items or know unique moves. If a hidden Pokémon has an exclamation point (!) near it on the Detector Mode screen, catch it immediately! 

Tip: Push gently on the Circle Pad to sneak up on hidden Pokémon. Walking at normal speed won’t work. 

When you discover a hidden Pokémon, the Detector Mode will display important information, such as Level, Ability and Type. You’ll also see Potential, with up to three stars. Here’s what the stars mean. 

One Star: The Pokémon possesses max strength for one stat. 

Two Stars: This Pokémon has max strength for two stats. 

Three Stars: By now you should see the pattern here. This Pokémon may have max individual strength for up to three stats. 

If for some reason you come up short and don’t catch hidden Pokémon, remember to sneak behind them instead of walking. Don’t take too long searching for them, and walk at least 20 steps between searches.


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