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Destiny: The Dark Below – Rise of Crota, Unlock The Will of Crota Strike

by Prima Games Staff

When we heard that there were new story missions coming to Destiny with The Dark Below, we have to admit, we were just a little bit excited. After entering orbit and looking for these, however, we were left somewhat dumbfounded. Not only were the Quests missing, but where was the new Strike? As you may or may not already be aware, we’d conquered The Undying Mind, which only left The Will of Crota to wrap up both Strikes in Bungie’s first expansion.

As it turns out, players will have to complete a new Quest called The Rise of Crota before the Will of Crota will open up. It’s a process that will take an hour or two, and includes several smaller tasks which need to be completed. However, the process is well worth the effort simply for the Murmur fusion rifle that is unlocked once it’s done.

Step 1 – Fist of Crota

Head to the Tower and speak with Eris, a new vendor that will give you the Quests and Bounties required to unlock The Will of Crota. Start off by accepting the Fist of Crota, a Level 24 Quest that takes place on the Forgotten Shore region of Earth. When the Quest is complete, head back to the Tower and speak with Eris for a second time.

Step 2 – Siege of the Warmind

You should now be able to take on two more Quests that Eris has to offer, and we’ll start off with the Siege of the Warmind, a Level 25 Story that also takes place on Earth. This time out you’ll be heading to the King’s Watch region, but generally speaking it’s fairly close to where you just completed the Fist of Crota. When you’re done, return to Eris to get the final Quest, if you don’t already have it loaded up and ready to go.

Step 3 – The Wakening

After accepting the third Quest from Eris, head out to the Moon and make your way to The Wakening, a Level 26 Story that takes place near the Anchor of Light region. This one is pretty tough, but nothing that should cause you too much trouble if you have a competent fireteam. When it’s done, return to Eris and collect your reward, the Murmur, a legendary fusion rifle that can switch between Arc and Solar damage.

Step 4 – Kill 25 Knights or Wizards Bounty

Head back to the Tower and speak to Eris. It’s here that you’ll pick up a Bounty where you need to Kill 25 Knights or Wizards, a task that can be easily completed by playing the Level 12 Summoning Pits mission on the Moon. The only problem you’re going to run into, is that like the original loot cave, everyone and their pet poodle are trying to do this at the same time. For this reason it might take you two attempts to complete. Once it’s done, return to the Tower and speak to Eris for the final time before you unlock The Will of Crota Strike.

Step 5 – Heart of Crota Bounty

Here’s where things get just a little bit sketchy. The tasks are actually quite simple, but finding them can be a bit of a pain if you’re not sure where to look. For the first one, head back to Earth and follow the route you would normally take to get to Sepiks Prime. From your start position patrolling on Earth, turn right and go up a set of stairs and into a building. You’re going to continue on to The Divide, then past the start point for Sepiks Prime. Pass through several buildings and open yards until you spot the Servant of the Heart praying to a giant green orb. After killing it and all the minions that follow, you should receive a notification that the Bounty is complete.

Step 6 – Hand of Crota Bounty

Most players will know how to get to this location simply because it’s on the way to the original loot cave, inside the Lunar Complex. Move through the building until your Guardian switches their flashlight on as you make your way up some stairs. When you come to a room with at least one Knight and a few Acolytes, kill them and then move into the back right corner of the room. It’s here that you’ll find the Servant of the Hand. Just like you did the first time out, kill him and his buddies to complete the Bounty.

Step 6 – Eye of Crota Bounty

Still in the room where you found the Servant of the Hand, continue on through and up some additional stairs. If you go back out the way you came you’re headed in the wrong direction. When you reach Skywatch, make your way to the area above and behind where the original loot cave was located, dropping down into a hole in the ground near the side of a building called the Terrestrial Complex. Pass through the building until you exit out onto a platform with a railing. It’s there that you’ll find the Servant of the Eyes. Kill him, then do the same to all of his pals to complete the Bounty.

Step 7 – The Will of Crota

We lied. You actually do have to visit Eris again, but just to turn in the three Bounties you completed in order to unlock The will of Crota, a Level 26 Strike that can be found on Earth.

Enjoy the battle, Guardians. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you get any cool rewards for all of your hard work. You can check out what we got in the screenshot below.

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