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How to Unlock More Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution

by Josh Hawkins

Building your park up in Jurassic Park Evolution requires a delicate balance between creating new buildings for guests and stocking up your enclosures with more dinosaurs to wow your audience. If you want to get your hands on new dinosaurs that can really up the ante for your park, then you’re going to need to know how to unlock them. Here’s everything you need to know about how to raise your genome levels, as well as how to unlock new dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution.

How to Unlock New Dinosaurs

Unlocking new dinosaurs isn’t the simplest act in Jurassic World Evolution, so knowing what you’re doing at the start will make the task much easier for you to accomplish. There are a few things you’ll need to know for unlocking new dinosaurs.

First, in order to unlock new dinosaurs, you’re going to need to extract their DNA from fossils. You can find Fossils by sending out Expedition Teams from the Expedition Center. You’ll need multiple expedition teams in order to unlock some locations. Once you have an Expedition Center, locate it on your map and select it. Now you can select the Expedition Map, which will allow you to choose a location around the globe. Different locations have different DNA types, so make sure you find locations with dinosaur DNA that you haven’t extracted just yet.

After selecting your Expedition Point, it’s time to wait. Once the Expedition Team finishes searching an area, they’ll return to your park with several Fossils. You can head to the Fossil Center to see which Fossils your teams have found. Here you can choose to extract DNA from viable Fossils, or sell them on the open market, allowing you to recoup some of your expedition costs.

In order to unlock the option to incubate a dinosaur, you’re going to need to unlock 50% of its Genome by collecting DNA from Fossils. Once you have 50%, you can then incubate the dinosaur. Now, while this is acceptable, you’ll want to continue to gather DNA for that dinosaur as much as you can, because earning a higher Genome percentage will allow you to create more authentic dinosaurs, which can raise the value of your attractions and the overall value of the park that you’re working with.

Now, all you need to do is continue sending out Expedition Teams, gathering Fossils, and extracting DNA from the Fossils. This will allow you to build up an arsenal of different dinosaur DNAs that you can make use of to create a unique park for your guests to travel to and enjoy.

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