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How to Unlock Jobs in Octopath Traveler

by Bryan Dawson

There are eight classes you can start as in Octopath Traveler, but with a little exploration of the map you can unlock new jobs in the game. To unlock jobs in Octopath Traveler you need to find the shrines that correspond to the job you’re looking for. Aside from traversing an area that may be a bit higher than your level allows, you can potentially unlock secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler right at the beginning of the game. All you need to know is what you’re looking for on the map so you can spot the various shrines.

How to Unlock Secondary Jobs

Octopath Traveler Job Map

In order to unlock the secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler you need to find the eight shrines that house the power of each one of these jobs. You can take a look at the map above for a quick reference point for all of the secondary job shrines. The pixel art near the middle of the map represents the starting position of each of the jobs you begin the game with. That should give you a good reference point of where to go to find these shrines.

Class Unlocked Shrine
Apothecary Shrine of the Healer
Cleric Shrine of the Flamebearer
Hunter Shrine of the Huntress
Dancer Shrine of the Lady of Grace
Thief Shrine of the Prince of Thieves
Scholar Shrine of the Sage
Warrior Shrine of the Thunderblade
Merchant Shrine of the Trader

There are four more jobs in the game that you won’t have access to until you’re around level 50. We’ll be discussing those jobs in the very near future, so keep a close eye on our Octopath Traveler game hub for more details!

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