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How to Unlock the “Fuggedaboutim!” Record in Resident Evil 3

by Thomas Wilde

The Fuggedaboutim! Record in the Resident Evil 3 remake is one of the trickier ones to unlock. You aren’t given any hints on the subject, and you probably won’t just stumble across it randomly on your own.

Like last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, and Revelations 2 before that, Resident Evil 3 comes with its own set of pseudo-achievements, which it calls Records. By accomplishing various gameplay feats (some of which are also platform-specific achievements or trophies, just to be confusing), you can unlock points to buy bonuses in the in-game Shop, character models for your collection, and concept art for your gallery.

The trick to getting Fuggedaboutim! is that it’s attached to an event from very early in the game, and is a shout-out to a particularly infamous line of dialogue in the original 1999 Resident Evil 3.

Once you’ve obtained the first handgun, progress down the street until you’re flagged down by the rescue helicopter. You’ll enter a warehouse shortly thereafter, whereupon you’ll meet a man who locks himself in a trailer instead of speaking to you. 

You may not realize it, but you can actually continue the conversation with the man once he’s locked the door. Walk up to it and interact with the door twice in a row to learn his name, Dario Rosso, and so Jill can make two abortive attempts to talk some sense into the guy.

Once you’ve finished the conversation with Dario, you satisfy the requirements for the Record, which will unlock the next time you visit your Records screen. You’ll earn 200 points for the Shop and a new piece of concept art, Dario’s Warehouse.

Modders have found out that if you clip through the wall of the trailer, Dario actually has full vocal animation despite the fact you aren’t supposed to be able to see him. You can also really rile him up if you want by taking a few potshots at the trailer door; he hates that.

Dario’s short subplot is one of the more tragic elements of the original Resident Evil 3. He’s the unnamed survivor in the warehouse at the start of the game who refuses to go with Jill; in fact, his last line of dialogue in the remake is exactly what he said in the original before locking himself away.

Unfortunately, in the remake, this is the last we see of Dario. In the original RE3, you could revisit the warehouse a bit later in the game, once you’d met Carlos, Nicolai, and Mikhail, to find Dario dead at the hands of a couple of zombies. He’d left a file nearby, Dario’s Memo, in which you learned some more details of his story. (The same file appears in the N64 port of Resident Evil 2, as one of that version’s “EX Files,” as well as during the RE3 levels in 2007’s Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.)

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There’s also an Easter egg in a later game, 2004’s Resident Evil: Outbreak, where you can find Dario’s name in the guest ledger at a local hotel. Not only did the poor guy lose his family before he died, but it looks like they were from out of town. If you’ve ever had a vacation go poorly, take solace in the fact that however bad it was, Dario Rosso’s was worse.

The Fuggedaboutim! Record is only worth 200 points for your bonuses, but it also unlocks a new piece of concept art for your gallery, Dario’s Warehouse. More importantly, it’s one more step towards completing your Records for Resident Evil 3.