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How to Unlock Cheat Codes in Red Dead Redemption 2

by Josh Hawkins

Like most Rockstar games over the past several years, Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes allows for players to unlock and make use of a variety of fun things. While Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats won’t work like they did in Grand Theft Auto V, players can still unlock an assortment of codes—including infinite ammo—to make use of in Arthur Morgan’s adventure.

How to Unlock Cheat Codes

Before we dive into how to unlock all of the cheat codes in Red Dead Redemption 2, let’s cover a few important things first. One thing to keep in mind—perhaps one of the most important—is that any achievements and trophies will be disable for your save file if you activate any of the cheat codes that we’ll outline below. Of course, if you don’t care about achievements or trophies then this isn’t an issue, however it is definitely something to keep in mind before using the codes below.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto V—which used button combinations—players will need to activate cheats from a menu in Read Dead Redemption 2. You can view this menu by opening up the Settings menu and then pressing Y or Triangle depending on your console of choice. From here you can see the list of cheats you have unlocked as well as enter in new phrases to unlock more cheats.

Cheat Type

Cheat Phrase and Requirements

Spawn Race Horse

Run! Run! Run!

Spawn Superior Horse

You want more than you have

Give Basic Weapons

A simple life, a beautiful death

Spawn a Wagon

Keep your dreams simple

Lower Wanted Level

You want freedom

Raise Wanted Level

You want punishment

Become Drunk

A fool on command

Unlock All Outfits

Vanity. All is vanity

Infinite Ammo

Own Blackwater Ledger No. 62 or New Hanover Gazette No. 27 after reaching Horseshoe Overlook. Enter phrase ‘Abundance is the dullest desire’.

Fill Stamina, Health and Dead Eye

You flourish before you die

All you to set Dead Eye Level to 3

I shall be better

Allow you to set Dead Eye Level to 5

I seek and I find

Give Stealth Weapons

Death is silence

Reset Honor to Default

Balance. All is balance

Give Heavy Weapons

Own Saint Denis No. 46 after completing mission Magicians for Sport and enter phrase ‘Greed is American Virtue’.

Raise Whistle Range for Horse

Better than my dog

Unlock all Camp Upgrades


Spawn a Circus wagon

Reach Epilogue Part 2 and own Blackwater Ledger No. 73. Then enter the phrase ‘Would you be Happier as a Clown?’

Spawn a War Horse

Reach Epilogue Part 1 and enter the phrase ‘You are a beast build for war’.

Raise Horse Bond Level

My kingdom is a horse

Reveal All of the Map

Complete Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern in Chapter 3. Then purchase Blackwater Ledger No. 66 or New Hanover Gazette No. 31 and enter the phrase ‘You long for sight and see nothing’.

Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye

Complete mission The King’s Son and unlock New Hanover Gazette No. 36. Finally, enter phrase ‘You seek more than the world offers’.

Increase all Stats

Seek all the bounty of this place

We’ll continue to update this article as we discover new cheat codes. Remember that all achievements and trophies will be disabled if you activate one of the codes above. You can also check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more helpful content like this.


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