After cars were added to Fortnite, players rushed to learn where to find them, how to drive them, and how to use features like the car’s radio.

Turning on the radio and switching between radio stations may be a little confusing at first. Once you figure out the controls though, you’ll be able to race through the Fortnite map with some nice background music.

Update (8/5/2020): Due to a bug, radio stations have been temporarily disabled in Fortnite. Check back, as we’ll be updating this guide once Epic Games fixes the radio bug and the radio becomes usable again. 

Update (8/6/2020): The car radio bug has been fixed! You can now listen to the radio by pressing R on PC, X on Xbox One, Triangle on PS4, or B on Nintendo Switch while in a vehicle. To cycle between radio stations press C on PC, A on Xbox One, X on PS4, and Y on Nintendo Switch.

How To Turn On The Car Radio in Fortnite

When you discover a car in Fortnite, you can enter it and drive around, honk the horn, and listen to different radio stations.

When it comes to radio stations in particular, many have wondered how you turn the car radio on or off. 

To turn the car radio on or off, you'll need to press R on PC, A on Xbox One, X on PS4, or B on Nintendo Switch.

Not happy with the song that's playing?

You can cycle between different radio stations in Fortnite by pressing C on PC, A on Xbox One, X on PS4, and Y on Nintendo Switch.

Radio stations available in Fortnite include:

  • Power Play 
  • Beat Box 
  • Radio Yonder 

While listening to the radio in Fortnite, you'll hear songs from real artists like Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, and Lady Gaga to name just a few.

It’s cool that real music has been included in Fortnite, but it's something that may be problematic for streamers. 

Fortunately, you can turn licensed audio off in the game’s settings menu to ensure that, if you’re streaming or recording a video, you won’t have to worry about any potential copyright strikes.

To turn off licensed audio, open up your settings, select the audio menu, scroll all the way to the bottom, and toggle licensed audio from “Play” to “Mute All” to remove it completely. 

It sounds like creators will also be given the ability to adjust their Creator Options in the Audio Settings for copyright-safe music. That way, you can listen to music on the radio, but only ones that are copyright safe.

Again, to turn on the car radio on or off you'll need to press R on PC, A on Xbox One, X on PS4, or B on Nintendo Switch.  

To cycle between radio stations you'll need to press C on PC, A on Xbox One, X on PS4, and Y on Nintendo Switch.

If you’re a streamer, you can disable licensed audio before entering a match to avoid getting hit with a copyright strike. 

What's nice is that when you enter a vehicle in Fortnite you'll see the full control list pop up. 

With this control list, you can scope out the commands for driving, honking, switching seat positions, and the radio.

If you ever forget a command like turning the radio on or cycling between radio stations, you can exit your vehicle and re-enter it to review the vehicle control pop-up menu again. 

If you don't see vehicle controls when you enter a car, you can have your HUD show vehicle controls by enabling the option in the Game UI section of your Settings menu.

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