How to Win Shoot to Thrill in Cyberpunk 2077

Test your aiming skills in this Cyberpunk 2077 side job.

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To complete the Shoot to Thrill side job in Cyberpunk 2077, you will have to participate in a shooting tournament hosted by Wilson at the 2nd Amendment Gun Shop and get first place in the tournament. This guide will teach you how to win the shooting tournament and get your reward.

How to Complete the Shoot to Thrill Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

After Act 2, you will receive a phone call from Wilson that he is raising money and wants you to attend the tournament he is hosting. Once you go to his shop near your apartment, he will be waiting for you. Go there and talk to him.

He will tell you the rules of the tournament. The rules are simple. You must hit the target 100 times within 60 seconds to get the first place. And if you get the first place, you will get a weapon as a gift.

However, you can only use pistols in the tournament. The best trick to win the tournament is to equip a pistol with a faster fire rate and ten or more bullets in one magazine. Ensure you don’t equip something like a revolver with fewer bullets and slow reload speed. I recommend using Dying Night.

When you are ready and in position, aim in front of you. Wilson will start a countdown, and the targets will appear on your screen. Be quick with your aim and hit as many targets as possible in the shooting range. It does not matter what target you shoot at as long as you don’t miss your shots before it disappears.

If you hit the target at least 70 times before the timer ends, you will win first place. To get your reward, talk to Wilson after the timer ends. He will give you the M-10AF Lexington Power Pistol as your reward for finishing first in the shooting tournament. After that, it will complete the Shoot to Thrill side job.

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