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How to Win Hardpoint in COD MW2 Ranked Play

by Daniel Wenerowicz
MW2 Ranked Play

Out of the three modes in the Call of Duty League ruleset, Hardpoint has the most chaos by far, and it can be hard to find a strategy in a mode that gets so hectic. If you’re going to climb the Ranked Play ladder in COD: Modern Warfare 2 though, you’ll need to learn how to win as much as possible.

Despite all of the chaos in the mode, Hardpoint has plenty of strategies, and playing a certain role can even secure the win for your team. As long as you know what’s happening on the battlefield, and you come prepared in MW2 Ranked Play, you’ll be primed to reach Iridescent in no time.

COD MW2 Ranked Play – How to Win Hardpoint Matches

In Hardpoint, the goal is to reach 250 points before the other team does, or have a higher score when time runs out. Every 60 seconds, both sides need to fight over one point like a king of the hill. Whoever is standing on the hill without any contention will earn points. After 60 seconds, the point will change and there are around five of them for each map.

About ten seconds before the point changes, the next one will appear on the map with a locked symbol. You’ll need to continue following this rotation of points so your team can control them and earn the 250 points. That’s really just the start though, and it comes down to rotations and spawns to win Hardpoint.

How do Rotations Work in MW2 Ranked Play Hardpoint?

When you see the next point appear with the lock symbol, that means it’s time for some of your team to move. However, it’s best to learn the order of points and start rotating to the new one about 15-20 seconds before the old one changes. When you rotate will depend on if your team owns the hill or not.

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In situations where your team can’t break the Hardpoint and there are only 20 seconds left, most of the team should move to the next point and set up for defense. If you own the Hardpoint, one player should try and hold for a time while the other three moves with about 15 seconds left.

The Importance of Spawns in Hardpoint

Along with point rotations in this Ranked Play mode for Modern Warfare 2, you’ll need to focus on spawns. On most maps, the very first point is simply a battleground for the next point. If your team can get some time on the point, that’s great. But if it comes at the cost of a wipe, then it wasn’t worth it. You want to fight for map control of point two instead.

That means fighting over the next set of spawns. You and your team should be actively trying to slay the enemies and ensure they spawn away from the next Hardpoint. This is the name of the game to keep your points going in this mode, and it should be a constant process throughout the match.

When done right, your team can maximize points nonstop, and will have control of the next point before it even appears on the map. Learning how to flip spawns and rotate at the right time is integral to winning Hardpoint in COD MW2 Ranked Play.

Roles in Hardpoint

There are roles in Hardpoint that can make or break a team. Everyone shouldn’t be going for kills like its a team deathmatch and the whole team shouldn’t be diving to the point either. Players who go for kills are called slayers, and they are typically assault rifle users. These players will watch sight lines and rarely sit on the point unless there is no one to get time. Their job is to rack up kills and stop flanks. They also need to out-slay the other ARs and ensure the rest of the team isn’t getting picked off.

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The next role could be considered a standard submachine gunner, but their main job is to clear points and hold down time for themselves. They can run Dead Silence or Trophy Systems depending on the situation. If your team isn’t running Trophy Systems though, then YOU should start throwing them down if victory is what you want.

Our last role is a flex, and if you are at the bottom of the leaderboard or having a tough game, you should pick up this role. Your job is to hold extra time and sit on point whenever you can. If your Ranked Play team is slaying out in Modern Warfare 2, then let them do their job and hold time. In the end, it’s all about the win. It’s better to gain a smaller amount of SR in MW2 than to lose some. Play the role your team needs and you’re more likely to win Hardpoint.

And that is all. For more on the Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Modern Warfare 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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