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How to Vote Kick Yourself in CS:GO

When you are absolutely done with the match.

by Nikola L

Even though it sounds weird that this article exists (because why would you initiate a vote to kick yourself in CS:GO?), we assure you that there is a good reason why you should sometimes do this in a Competitive Matchmaking match. In this article, we will explain how to do this, and of course, the advantages and disadvantages of vote kicking yourself in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Can You Vote Kick Yourself in CS:GO Competitive Matchmaking?

Well, the answer is yes. You just cannot do it with the usual, clickable vote kick menu accessible with the press of the Esc button on your keyboard. You will first need to enable your Developer Console:

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When you have the Developer Console enabled, during the match, press the “~” button and type in “status” (without the quotation marks). You will see something that looks like this:

Screenshot via Prima Games

Now, you need to seek out your name on this list of active players on the server. Upon finding yourself, remember the digits that are on the left (we’ve removed Steam names and Steam IDs for privacy reasons but you will easily and immediately recognize this).

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Upon discovering who you are in the status of the server, type in “callvote kick number1 number2“. For example, we were on the # 684 14 slot, so we typed in “callvote kick 684 14” and it initiated a kick vote against us.

Now, your fate is in the hands of your teammates. And now, to answer the question from the intro of this article.

If you are, for any reason, forced to leave the current competitive match, there is a way to try to dodge the abandon penalty (also known as Competitive Cooldown) which will impact your hidden Trust Factor rating) by being votekicked. Assuming that your teammates are on board with you leaving the match, this kick will have a significantly less impact on your Trust Factor rather than just outright abandoning the match.

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Please note that you should not (ab)use this too many times, because the CS:GO’s system may assign you a competitive cooldown for “Kicking too many teammates” or “Being kicked from too many matches.”

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