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How to Use Zonai Fans in Tears of the Kingdom

Link is a big fan of these.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Fans

Zonai devices are some of the most important components in the Ultrahand mechanic that allows players to craft all kinds of contraptions to help Link in his quest. One of the first devices you find in Tears of the Kingdom is the Zonai fan, and you’ll need them to cross a pesky lake before a sky island shrine.

Before I really grasped the idea behind the Ultrahand mechanic and the Zonai Devices, I was scratching my head when it came to making use of the fans. Soon enough, all the pieces fell together, and I learned just how valuable these fans really are in Zelda. I’ll outline the full guide here.

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Use Zonai Fans and Make a Fan Boat

One of your first encounters with the fans will be before one of the sky island shrines at the edge of a small lake. On the ground, next to some of the constructs, you’ll find a few fans and plenty of logs thrown around the area. The first step is to build a platform you can use.

With the Ultrahand, combine three logs together to form a small raft. Of course, there is no sail to help you gain any momentum at this point in Tears of the Kingdom, so that’s where the Zonai fan comes into play. Using the Ultrahand, attach the fan to the back of the raft with the flatter side facing out. Now pick up the whole contraption and drop it in the water.

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It’s important to have the fan behind you because it’s going to use the wind to push the raft forward. To start the fan, simply hit it with any weapon and it will start turning. There will be a battery that you can refuel by using Zonai Charges but you likely won’t need that at this point in Tears of the Kingdom. And in the future, get ready for much more creative uses of the fan.

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