How to Use Voodoo Dolls in Phasmophobia

Watch your sanity!

How to Use Voodoo Dolls in Phasmophobia

Voodoo Dolls are one of the new cursed possessions items in Phasmophobia. Players can use them to find out where ghosts are more easily. They are found as a random spawned item, but if you notice some of the other cursed items spawn like the Ouija Board, Music Box, Haunted Summoning Circle, Mirror, and Tarot Cards, you probably won’t get a Voodoo Doll in that run. The chances for spawn in each try are 1 in 6. However, when you happen to find one of these dolls, keep reading to learn how to use it.

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How to Use Voodoo Dolls in Phasmophobia

Voodoo Colls come with needles and each time the player interacts with the doll (while holding it with nothing else equipped), one of the needles will be pushed in. Each needle stab will cost the player a certain percentage of sanity, but also reveal the location of the ghost so you should be careful when using the cursed item, especially if your sanity is low because it can cause hunt mode to occur. Also, inserting a needle directly into the doll’s heart will instantly trigger the hunt so there is a factor of risk when using Voodoo Dolls.

Where to Find Voodo Dolls in Phasmophobia

Voodoo Dolls can spawn in multiple locations throughout each of the 10 levels in Phasmophobia. Their location is not always the same but these are the parts of each level where you can try to find them:

  • Asylum: Lobby, Right side visiting area, and Middle corridor
  • Brownstone High School: Main corridor 1st floor and Classroom 2
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse: Foyer, Office, First-floor hallway, Upstairs hallway, and Attic
  • Edgefield Street House: Large blue Bedroom, Basement, Living room, Small blue bedroom, Orange bedroom, and Master bedroom
  • Grafton Farmhouse: Nursery, Master bedroom, Twin bedroom, Upstairs bedroom, and Storage
  • Prison: Main hallway, Entrance, and Visitation areas
  • Ridgeview Road House: Basement, First-floor hallway, Upstairs hallway, and Girl’s bedroom
  • Tanglewood Street House: Living room, Nursery, Boy’s bedroom, Garage, and Kitchen
  • Maple Lodge Campsite: Cabin bedroom, Storage tent 2, and South of the campfire
  • Willow Street House: Boys’ bedroom, Master bedroom, Garage, Hallway, and Living room

Now you know where and how to find Voodoo Dolls in Phasmophobia and how to use them so happy ghost hunting, and don’t forget to watch your sanity!

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