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Diablo 4 is the first game in the series that allows for voice chat, which is a pleasant surprise to any longtime Diablo fan. While local voice chat isn’t possible, you can still use it to talk to anyone in your clan or party, granted they have it enabled. Activating it can be a bit tricky, so continue reading to learn how to enable voice chat in Diablo 4!

How to Enable Voice Chat in Diablo 4

To enable voice chat in Diablo 4, enter the Social menu and hit the Voice Chat button while you are in a party. You will be able to swap between no voice, Party voice chat and Clan voice chat in this menu. Diablo 4 automatically has Push-to-talk enabled, so make sure you figure out what button it is and either press that or disable push-to-talk to be able to talk to your friends!

Diablo 4 Voice Chat Menu
Diablo 4 Voice Chat Menu (Screenshot Via Prima Games)

You can also access the same Voice Chat menu from the Clan screen. Simply enter the Clan menu and hit Voice on the bottom left to swap between Clan and Party voice chat.

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How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in Diablo 4

If your voice chat is still not working, there are a few solutions you’ll want to work through. Below are a few solutions for if you can’t hear your friends, as well as if your friends can’t hear you.

First off, make sure you are pressing the Push-to-talk button if it is enabled. Enter the Sound tab in the Options menu and look for Voice Chat Mode. Either disable push-to-talk or find the correct push-to-talk button in the Controls tab.

If you are in party/clan voice chat in Diablo 4 and can’t hear your friends, make sure your Voice Chat Output Device is correctly set up. To do this, enter the Sound tab and look for “Voice Chat Output Device”. Change this to whatever your default output device is.

If your friends can’t hear you, you’ll want to find “Microphone Device” in the Sound menu. Make sure the correct microphone device is applied.

These should fix any of your voice chat problems in Diablo 4. Now that you can use voice chat in Diablo 4, it’s time to explore Sanctuary with some company!

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