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How to Disable the Chat in Diablo 4 Beta

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by Patrick Souza
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Disclaimer: This article was written using the Beta version of Diablo IV as its source. The final product might differ from what’s represented here.

The Diablo IV Beta testing is out now (not without its fair share of errors, though), and players are finally giving their first steps into the initial areas of the game. But something that can get annoying really fast is the constant chat messages popping up whenever they’re finishing a quest or just walking through a multiplayer area.

If you don’t have time for small talk and just wanna kill some monsters, here’s what you need to do in order to disable the chat in Diablo IV.

How to Disable Chat in the Diablo IV Beta

You cannot fully disable the chat, but you can remove some of its messages. Open the Options menu and head to the Social tab. Scroll down until you see Chat Settings option and remove the mark on Show Quest Dialogue in Chat to avoid ever seeing any message from NPCs (or your own character) in the chat corner ever again.

If you want to avoid players’ messages, you can also uncheck the Join Local Chat Channel and Join Trade Chat Channel boxes to have a complete single-player experience without those hindrances. If you ever feel like talking with other humans again, you can enable it back anytime. Clan, Party and Whisper chat messages cannot be disabled in any way

Disable Chat Diablo 4 Beta
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Scroll a little bit more to find the Chat Bubbles option, where you can remove the specific bubbles for Local, Trade, Party and Clan chats and leave only those you really care about. There’s also the option to customize each of the colors of the chats if you go a little bit further. Some nice accessibility options here!

And that’s all you need to know about disabling the Chat in the Diablo 4 Beta test. For more tips, tricks and solutions for some of the game’s errors, check out some of our other articles here on Prima Games.

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