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How to Use the Ancient Well in Fire Emblem Engage

Well, well, well. Water do we have here?

by Daphne Fama

With the arrival of Wave 3 of Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC, not only will players get a chance to obtain a new Emblem Ring, there’s a new feature waiting for you in the Somniel. Here’s how to use the Ancient Well in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Use the Ancient Well in Fire Emblem Engage

Before we start lobbing all sorts of random junk into the Ancient Well, we’ll need to do some housekeeping.

If you own the Expansion Pass for Fire Emblem Engage, load up and head to the Somniel. Once there, you’ll receive a notification from the armory shop in the plaza. Head to the armory shop, and the man behind the counter will tell you that he’s dropped his weapon into the well. He’ll ask you to go fetch it.

Either walk or use quick travel to go to the Training Plaza. Just west of the statue of Alear will be a new feature: the Ancient Well, which exudes a sort of purple smoke. Interact with it, and you’ll pick up Represailles and Revanche. This polearm and axe are excellent weapons that exude an “otherworldly” air.

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Bring them back to the armorer, and he’ll inform you that he didn’t drop either of those weapons into the well but will ask you to keep them.

With that out of the way, we can start using the Ancient Well. Here’s how it works. You can choose to drop whatever item you like into the well, from healing items to weapons. The more items you place into the well, the higher the Upgrade Chance. Legendary weapons or weapons with “otherworldly” airs can’t be sunk into the well.

Note that whatever you put into the well, you can’t get back. It’s gone for good! So only part with items you won’t miss. You can put in five items in total.

Once you’ve sacrificed your items, complete one battle. A Skirmish is fine. Return, and you’ll get a new item! And if your upgrade chance was high enough, it will be an item that’s better than what you put in.

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