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How to Use the Alignment Control Center in Jedi Survivor

The Force won't help you here.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Alignment Control Center Jedi Survivor

Just outside of Rambler’s Reach on Koboh, you can find a clearly High Republic door that leads to a small cave with plenty of tech. Inside is the Alignment Control Center, and it is marked by the huge white tower outside that will later come into play for the main Jedi Survivor story.

Cal has the ability to enter this Control Center super early on, and as you descend into the cave, you will find what looks like two different puzzles. One is meant for the Jedi Chambers and the other is a massive door with spinning parts, which you cannot seem to change.

Jedi Survivor – How to Use the Alignment Control Center

When you approach the massive High Republic door at the base of this cave, there will be a small platform with a button for interaction. As soon as the button is pressed, the parts inside the door will start spinning much faster and it will appear as if you can interact further or use the Force to change the rings. I thought I could alter this control center early into the game, but it’s not that easy.

Instead, this location is almost entirely tied to the story. The Alignment Control Center in Jedi Survivor will not be available to open at the base of the cave until the very end of the game. So, if you decide to explore this area early on in Rambler’s Reach, keep in mind that it cannot be completed for a long time. I thought I could use the door when I started the game, but I was sadly mistaken.

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Before reaching the main chamber, you will find a bunch of red screens next to a Meditation Point. These signify the Jedi Chambers. Although you cannot open up the Alignment Control Center door just yet, you can at least utilize these screens to complete all of the chambers within the game and claim a new reward for Cal Kestis.

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