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How to Use Spectator Mode for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Use Spectator Mode for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The seemingly infinite world of Minecraft is always full of challenges. Especially in Survival mode as you are never sure what awaits you behind each block. Of course, all these mysteries and uncertainties are a beloved part of the game, but if you get tired of it and want to know what’s inside your world, there’s Spectator Mode. In it, you can easily fly across the map, walk through terrain like a ghost, and even see things through the eyes of mobs, but you can not kill them or manipulate any of the blocks. This mode is a good way to explore or even track and moderate other players on an online server.

Spectator Mode has been available as a type of cheat since ancient times of the Java version, while it has only recently been added to the Bedrock Edition. Follow our guide below to learn how to use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to Use Spectator Mode for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Before you start, check that you have the Minecraft Bedrock Edtion version or higher.

  1. Enable cheats – Pause the game, go to “World” in the options menu, then into “Game” settings and toggle the “Activate Cheats” slider (see the image above).
  2. Go back to the game and open the chat – in the PC version, it is the “T” on the keyboard.
  3. Type /gamemode 6 in the chat – if done correctly, your UI will disappear and the game will switch to Spectator Mode.

Minecraft Spectator Mode Differences in Java and Bedrock Edition

The Spectator function in the Bedrock version offers almost all the functionalities of this mode that we know from Java Minecraft, but there are some differences.

  • The mob view is not available in Bedrock Edition.
  • You can’t see the invisible entities like in Java.
  • The world loading for Spectator Mode is faster in Bedrock due to better resource utilization.
  • You can quickly toggle Spectator Mode in Java with F3+. In Bedrock, there is no shortcut so you have to use chat commands every time.

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