How to Use Skill Cards in Persona 3 Reload (P3R)

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Persona 3 Reload Skill Cards Featured

Skill Cards have been present since Persona 3 Portable, becoming a staple for the modern 3D series. They allow you to customize your Personas even further with abilities that otherwise would be difficult to get, making them some of the most versatile items in Persona 3 Reload.

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How to Get and Use Skill Cards in Persona 3 Reload

You can get Skill Cards from Shuffle Time in Tartarus by picking the red swords card. Shuffle Time appears randomly once you win a battle, but it’s guaranteed if you end it with an All-Out Attack. The higher the floor you’re in, the stronger the cards you’ll get. You can only get one per Shuffle Time, but cards can reappear if you repeatedly fight enemies. Chests can also occasionally give you cards.

Alternatively, Elizabeth also gives you cards for completing certain requests. Most notably, one of her Persona Fusion requests can be completed by using a card (Endure) obtained through a previous request, so keep it just in case.

Finally, Skill Cards can also be bought from the Mayoido Antiques shop once you unlock it on July 17. You’ll need to have the specific materials for each card, so despite some powerful abilities like Arms Master being available right away, you have to reach higher floors on Tartarus to buy them.

Where to Find Mayoido Antiques Shop in Persona 3

Mayoido Antiques is one of many shops available in the Paulownia Mall. It’s located between the Aohige Pharmacy and Mandragora Karaoke. To unlock it, you’ll need to wait until July 17. Ikutski will give you a Black Sword that you need to exchange in Mayoido Antiques. After which the store will be available to use.

However, the items here are unique. You can not buy them with yen. The only way to purchase items at Mayoido Antiques is with Assorted Gemstones, which you get by exploring Tartarus. The quality of the items depend on the rarity of the gemstone. The higher you explore in Tartarus, the better the items you can get from the store. The items range from Gear, Consumables and Skill Cards.

To use Skill Cards, open your inventory and head to the Skill Card tab (the third one). Select the card you wanna use and the Persona you want to receive the ability. It works just like learning a new move by level up, and you have to remove an older Skill if you have no free slots. There are no skill restrictions, and every protagonist’s Persona can use every Skill Card. You cannot use Skill Cards on your party members.

What Are Skill Cards in Persona 3 Reload?

Skill Cards immediately teach one of your Personas a certain skill. A Zio card teaches the Zio skill, and so on. These are particularly great for broadening a Persona’s moveset or covering for weaknesses. You could use an Evade Fire card on Jack Frost or teach him Mazio so he can hit both Ice and Lightning weaknesses. Both are possible, too, as long as you have the right cards.

Getting the correct cards through Shuffle Time can be complicated, though, as this is purely an RNG check. You can increase your chances by getting all Major Arcana you can during the current exploration, but it might still take a while until the correct cards appear.

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