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How to Use Nitro Fist in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Feeling like playing Doomfist on Fortnite?

With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 bringing vehicular warfare to the top of the meta, they also introduced multiple new items to counter, such as the Nitro Fist and the Boom Bolt. While the Boom Bolt is strong against these vehicles, the Nitro Fist is the absolute winner.

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These fists not only destroy vehicles, but it is also the best mobility item in the game. You can go from Nitrodome to Brutal Beachhead in under a minute using Nitrodome to Brutal Beachhead in under a minute; you just need to know how to use the Nitro Fist efficiently.

Where to Find Nitro Fists in Fortnite

Nitro Fists is an epic rarity item that is used like your typical melee weapon. While the rarity might be epic, it isn’t as hard to find as other epic-rarity weapons. From playing around 20 games so far, these Nitro Fists have been showing up in every single game. There were also instances where we weren’t even getting epic weapons throughout the game, but everyone in our squad had a Nitro Fist.

These Nitro Fists have a good drop rate, and rightfully so. There are too many vehicles roaming around, and it is okay to have this powerful weapon in the meta.

You can find these Nitro Fists mostly in chests, care packages, and bunkers.

The Best Way to Use the Nitro Fist in Fortnite

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There’s a quest in Fortnite where you need to use an uppercut with a Nitro Fist. This is done by just using the alternative fire button when near an enemy. You should finish these quests naturally so you can get all the rewards from the Battle Pass, even if you only have the free version.

The Nitro Fist weapon excels in close-quarter combat if you want to use it to eliminate enemies. Each punch blasts the target for almost as much damage as a shotgun. If you hold the fire button, you can charge up the fist and aim at a direction to charge yourself forward with an even stronger attack. However, this tactic makes it much harder to connect to a target. Players mostly use it for closing the distance.

You can also aim the charge up in the sky so you can launch yourself up into the air. While in the air, you can choose to charge it up again and continuously fly across the map or reach the high ground. You only have a total of four charges before you run out of charged attacks, but it does replenish almost every 12 seconds upon using a charge.

When fighting vehicles, you want to jump up and smash the ground to close the distance and deal damage. When you get close to the vehicle, you can spam punches to the vehicle, which deals way more damage than shooting them with weapons. Even the new Boom Bolt is no match for the Nitro Fists, but it does require you to stay close to the vehicle, which is a tough task already. The trick here is to use Boogie Bombs to get the enemy driver out of the vehicle so they go to a complete stop. You can capitalize on doing damage to the enemy directly instead of the vehicle once they start boogieing!

If you find yourself in a pinch, you can always use your Nitro Fists to get out of a tough situation. Even modded vehicles won’t be able to catch you.

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