Mod Vehicles in Fortnite
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How to Mod a Vehicle With a Turret in Fortnite

Turn that vehicle into a Warthog!

Modding your vehicles is almost mandatory when it comes to party play in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. Everyone is using vehicles and when you fight another team with a turret or grenade launcher attached to their vehicle, you are doomed if you don’t have yourself. So, you better learn how to mod a vehicle with either a turret or grenade launcher so you can win more fights in Mad Max-style.

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How to Add a Turret to Your Vehicle in Fortnite

The only way to add a turret to your vehicle is through a weapon mod crate. If you run around the roads, especially the ones near the repair or service centers (which look like a gas station), you’ll see some random crates around. Each crate has a specific icon that corresponds to the mod.

If you drive your vehicle near it, the name of the mod will show up before you even hit the crate. You want to look for the turret icon on the crate to add it to your vehicle. However, you can also hit the crate to add some other mods while you are at it.

Your vehicle can have three total mods – roof, tires, and bumper. The turret mods are for the roof, and you can have other useful mods for the tires and bumper, like bulletproof tires or spiked bumper.

If you didn’t find any mods or the turret, you can drive around other areas to look for more. As long as you stick to the roads, you’ll surely find some more crates and pump stations.

It is also worth noting that there are crates that don’t give mods. There are crates that have a wrench icon on them, which means it will repair your vehicle to full health.

How to Mod a Grenade Launcher to Your Vehicle in Fortnite

If you want a grenade launcher mod and you already have the turret mod active, you can still drive through a grenade launcher mod crate, and it will automatically replace the active turret mod. Finding the grenade launcher mod is the same as finding any mod for vehicles.

However, when it comes to which one is better, it’ll depend on your accuracy. If you can hit other vehicles or enemies from far away using a grenade launcher, it should do more damage.

But, if you struggle to lob the grenade launcher shots from a distance, you should use the turret instead for great and consistent damage.

Modding your vehicle with a turret or a grenade launcher is a common quest in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, and you need to find these mods if you want to obtain more awesome rewards from the Battle Pass.

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