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How to Use Like Like Stones in Tears of the Kingdom

Finally, a use for all those rocks you're carrying.

by Daphne Fama

One of the first enemies you’re apt to encounter on the Great Sky Island is the Like Like. And if you defeat it? Of course, you get a Like Like Stone. But what do these odd stones do? Here’s how to use Like Like Stones in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Use Like Like Stones in Tears of the Kingdom

When you first started the game, you likely encountered in the caves of the Great Sky Island a strange creature that looks like a closed anemone. Get too close to this monstrosity and it will swallow you for some pretty decent damage. But it will also shoot a rock at you if you get too close!

If you go through the trouble of defeating it, it will drop the Like Like Stone, which is best used as an ingredient for elixirs. So, let’s dive right into all the uses for Like Like Stones in TotK.

  • Use it to extend the potency of your elixirs.
  • Fuse it to a weapon.
  • Sell it.

As its item description states, Like Like Stones are best used in Elixirs as a universal elixir buff. That is to say, it can be included in any elixir recipe to extend the elixir’s buff by 1:20 minutes. Not bad!

You can also opt to fuse the stone onto your weapon for an additional +10 damage.

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The third and worst option is to sell it for a meager 15 rupees. These merchants wouldn’t know a rare material if you chucked it at their head. Which I recommend you do because that’s almost highway robbery.

If you’re curious about other rare materials, you might be wondering where another excellent fuse resource is. Can I refer you to your local patrolling dragons? Check out our guide on how to poach all their body parts here: How to Get Dragon Parts in Tears of the Kingdom.

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