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How to Use the Warden’s Fireball in Clash of Clans

Looking for some cheesy farming tactics?

The Warden has finally received its strongest offensive equipment in Clash of Clans. The equipment is the Fireball, which is the Warden’s first skill that directly damages buildings. It is a high-risk ability to use because if you don’t end up getting value from its usage, you might as well have used the other strong equipment. Here’s the best way to use the Warden’s Fireball ability in Clash of Clans.

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How to Unlock the Warden’s Fireball Skill in Clash of Clans

In the image above, you can see a huge Fireball explosion used against a Town Hall 12 base. The radius is already big, but it gets even bigger with upgrades. To use the Fireball, you have to equip it in your Blacksmith building. If you don’t have it yet, you have to purchase it when it becomes available on the Gems store because it was only offered for purchase during the Super Dragon event back in March 2024.

Once you have it equipped, you only need to tap on Warden’s icon during a fight to activate both his equipment, including the Fireball. The Fireball launches toward the nearest defense building, dealing massive damage to everything within the radius of the explosion.

The Fireball starts with a four-tile splash damage radius, but it goes all the way to six upon reaching level 18. You want to upgrade the Fireball’s radius more than any other stats, so the upgrade breakpoints would be level nine to reach five tiles and level 18 to reach six tiles.

You can continue to upgrade it if you want, but the damage is already big enough to one-shot most buildings. Of course, it also depends on the enemies you are facing because if you are a couple of Town Hall levels behind, the Fireball will struggle to one-shot buildings, rendering it useless.

How to Attack Efficiently Using Fireball in Clash of Clans

In the image above, you can see a huge Fireball explosion used against a Town Hall 12 base. It can destroy upwards of nine buildings clumped up together and if you catch at least five or six defensive buildings, you already used it efficiently.

The strategy is attacking largely clumped buildings where the Warden can launch the Fireball effectively in the middle. Since it targets the nearest defensive building, it can never be used to shoot over other defenses to hit the center of a large section of buildings.

However, you want to clear around your designated target so you can hit the Fireball perfectly in the middle. For example, if you look closely at the image above and focus on the rightmost side, you can clear the Army Camps and resource builds first. Let your units destroy the closest Archer Tower first, and you want your Warden’s Fireball to hit the Inferno Tower. The second the Archer Tower goes down, use Warden’s Fireball ability to force it to hit the Inferno Tower.

In other situations, you can hold on to it until you reach the center, but your main target is to hit high-damage defenses such as Eagle Artilleries, Inferno Towers, Monoliths, and Scattershots. You want to clear around them with a pincer attack, with the Warden at the center of the attack.

You can add Lightning Spells to help clear defenses that could possibly redirect the Warden’s Fireball. Attack teams that target defenses such as Hogs and Balloons will help you pinpoint the Warden’s Fireball better.

If you are looking to lose some rank points, you can use the Warden’s Fireball to one-shot Gold and Elixir Storages and surrender after using the ability. It is a great way to gain resources when you are looking to drop down a few ranks. Master the Warden’s Fireball, and you’ll be winning Leagues and earning League Medals as easy as doing those early campaign missions.

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