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Honkai: Star Rail has expanded its options across platforms, and the PlayStation 5 version is now available for new players to join in. This is a great step forward in allowing players to access the game across different methods and keep the same account without having to make a new one. Here’s how to Cross-Link your Honkai: Star Rail accounts across different platforms.

How to Crosslink Accounts from PC/Mobile to the PlayStation 5 in Honkai: Star Rail

If you already have Honkai: Star Rail on your personal computer or mobile device and want to move it to a place where you can free up some room, then connecting your account can be very simple. A HoYoverse account must be linked to the PlayStation 5 for the games to be able to cross over. This can also help you to play other installations and games made by HoYoverse through the same HoYoverse account, such as playing one of the sister games Genshin Impact, or the highly anticipated Zenless Zone Zero whenever it comes out.

While you can link other accounts through your PC/Mobile device, the best way to link your PlayStation 5 to your already existing account is through the PlayStation 5 version of Honkai: Star Rail. Once the game has finished downloading and the PlayStation 5 inquires what account you’ll be using, you’ll choose the option “Already have an account, log in directly.” 

The PlayStation 5 menu will then direct you to a series of options where you can link your HoYoverse account either through the same email that is used on that account or through a QR Code. If your HoYoverse account is already linked to your email then the game will boot up your progress from the PC or mobile version you’ve connected it to.

How to Make Sure Your Email is Linked to Your HoYoverse Account

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  • Honkai: Star Rail Account Settings Menu
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To make sure that all your accounts are tied together to the correct email, whether you have more than one email, account, or otherwise, you’ll need to check your settings as directed. First, you’ll need to open up the Menu in Honkai: Star Rail and direct yourself to the Settings Icon on the hotbar to the right. 

Having opened that, you’ll head over to the tab as shown in the image below to head over to Account Settings. Selecting Go will lead you to a variety of options that can link your account to a username, email, and even to other media. You can change your password, delete the account, or modify the email that is connected to that account. 

How to Crosslink Accounts from the PlayStation 5 to PC/Mobile in Honkai: Star Rail

To link your PlayStation 5 account to PC or a mobile device, you’ll need to log in with the email that is linked to your HoYoverse Account or PSN account. By following the directions above, you can ensure that everything is connected and able to cross over merely by logging into that select device.

You cannot log into two devices at the same time. One account will boot you out by indicating a message that states “User has logged in on another device.” So there are no tricky exploits to be had there and if you are sure you did not log in with another device, be sure to contact HoYoverse Support.

If there are complications connecting the two accounts, don’t hesitate to reach out to HoYoverse Support by heading over through this link. For more news and guides covering Honkai: Star Rail, check out the game tag just below this article.

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