How to Use Bigger Lobby Mod in Lethal Company

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How to Use Bigger Lobby Mod in Lethal Company
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PC Gaming has the inevitability of the mod community meddling with the game files and bending the game’s rules in their favor. If you want to increase the limit in your lobby in Lethal Company, you will need the Bigger Lobby Mod. Here is how to install and use it.

How to Download and Install Bigger Lobby Mod for Lethal Company

Warning / Disclaimer:

You are modding the game at your own responsibility. Make sure to always save backups of any files you are overwriting.

If you want to play Lethal Company in a team that consists of more than four members, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Have Lethal Company installed on Steam
  2. Make sure Lethal Company is not running
  3. Download the following stuff:
    • BepInEx (5.4.22. at the time of writing this article) – Make sure to download the correct one, depending on if your OS is 64-bit or not.
    • BiggerLobby from Thunderstore (there is a manual download option on the right)
    • LC API from Thunderstore
  4. Go to Steam Library, right-click the game from the list of your installed games, go to Properties, Installed Files, and then go to Browse, so that you enter the installation folder of Lethal Company.
  5. Unpack the BepInEx file from step three into the root/main game folder that was opened why you clicked Browse on Steam.
  6. Unpack the BiggerLobby file in the same fashion.
  7. Unpack the LC API file in the same fashion.

If everything is done correctly, all files have fallen into their place (the folders are already premade in all these archives).

How to Use the Bigger Lobby Mod in Lethal Company

If, after entering the game, you see “Mod” in the bottom-left corner, this should be a good indicator that you’ve done the installation correctly, and now you just need to play as usual and check if more than four players can exist in your lobby.

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