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How to Unlock the Trusted Achievement in Sons of the Forest

Trust in others

by Madison Benson
Trusted Achievement in Sons of the Forest

You can accomplish a large mix of things in Sons of the Forest. You can celebrate surviving your first new nights on the island, craft tons of weapons and armor and even deep-dive into the game’s story to figure out your situation. If we look at this from an achievement point of view, you’ll gain many naturally throughout your playthrough, with some requiring a bit of digging and experimentation.

The Trusted achievement is one example where you usually get it by accident or have to look around for the solution. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to unlock the Trusted achievement in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Unlock the Trusted Achievement in Sons of the Forest

If you’re the type of person who likes to play games and solve problems alone, I have some bad news for you. Getting the Trusted achievement requires at least two people since it involves going into a Multiplayer server. However, you have two options: Create a server with a friend or join a random one. It’s entirely up to you which you do, but you’ll generally have an easier time doing this with someone you know and can easily communicate with.

Once you decide whether to join a public lobby or share one with a friend, do just that. If you’re working alongside a friend, make sure they host the server. After joining the server, your friend/the random player will have to go into the main menu to the player list and make you “Trusted”. Doing this immediately unlocks the achievement for you, and you can do the same thing for others.

If the achievement isn’t unlocking, briefly swap the player to “Admin” before bringing them back to Trusted. In most situations, this should activate it without much issue. However, there is a chance that future Sons of the Forest updates may create some bugs with certain achievements, meaning you’ll have to wait until it’s patched.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC through Steam.

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