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How to Unlock the Steel Path in Warframe

Are you up for the challenge?

by Shawn Robinson

Most of Warframe’s content can be fairly easy if you’ve built a solid loadout, given that lower-tier content doesn’t break the level 100 mark. It makes things easily replayable, though, for some who like a challenge, it simply isn’t enough after a while. Thankfully, Digital Extremes created an answer to this. Here’s how to unlock the Steel Path and enjoy higher-tier content in Warframe.

How to Access the Steel Path in Warframe

To access the Steel Path in Warframe, you must complete every node currently available on the Star Chart. You don’t need to complete the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate or Jordas Golem Assassinate missions, alongside Duviri content. This will take a long while, especially if you haven’t been actively going for it, but the good news is each completed node provides progress toward your mastery.

Once you’ve completed all of the nodes, you will need to visit Teshin at any relay and select the “Steel Path?” option when prompted. Once done, head back to your Orbiter and open up the Navigation menu. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the option to switch between the normal mode and the Steel Path mode. Steel Path nodes need to be unlocked, including junctions, though each node will provide you with mastery once completed.

What Changes in the Steel Path Compared to Normal Mode?

Warframe The Steel Path Mission
Image via Prima Games.

The Steel Path is naturally much harder than regular Warframe content, providing increases across the board in difficulty. Each mission now has enemies 100 levels higher than their regular counterparts. As you can see above, the mission Mantle on Earth has increased from Grineer 2-4 all the way to Grineer 102-104. Enemies also have 150% increased health, armor, and shields, making them much more difficult to kill.

On the bright side, not all changes are negative ones. Alongside mastery earned from each new node completed, you’ll also get a Resource Drop Chance Booster and Mod Drop Chance Booster by default (which stacks with the regular variants of these boosters). Shadow Acolytes will also spawn periodically and can drop extremely useful Arcanes for your weapons. Alongside this, opening Void Relics will grant one additional Steel Essence.

What Can You Earn from the Steel Path?

Warframe Steel Path Honours
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When completing Steel Path missions and killing Acolytes, you’ll be awarded the new currency Steel Essence. These can also be earned by completing the five daily Steel Path Incursion missions located next to Alerts, which award five Steel Essence per completed mission. To spend these, make your way to Teshin in one of the relays and select the Steel Path Honours shop.

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This shop offers numerous rewards, from Veiled Riven Ciphers to operator cosmetics to even Arcane Adapters, which allow you to put an Arcane on your weapon of choice. Teshin’s Steel Path Honours shop also offers one item that rotates on a weekly basis. The items and prices are as follows:

  • Umbra Forma Blueprint – 150 Steel Essence
  • 50,000 Kuva – 55 Steel Essence
  • Kitgun Riven Mod – 75 Steel Essence
  • 3x Forma – 75 Steel Essence
  • 30,000 Endo – 150 Steel Essence
  • Rifle Riven Mod – 75 Steel Essence
  • Shotgun Riven Mod – 75 Steel Essence

You can only get one of each item per week, so spend your Steel Essence carefully. Personally, I suggest waiting for the weeks that Forma, Endo, and the Umbra Forma blueprint are available. These will give you the best bang for your buck compared to the rest unless you’re someone who loves messing around with Riven mods.

That’s all you need to know about the Steel Path! If you’re up for the challenge, the game does well at handsomely rewarding you. The extra challenge is also quite nice. While you’re getting into the Steel Path, be sure to check out our list of Incarnon Genesis weapons which are available through the Steel Path Circuit almost exclusively.

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